Metabolic Analysis Testing

The o2max metabolic analysis system brings you the level of personalization in nutrition and workout that was previously only available to Olympians.

  • Spot the limiting factors in your performance or activities.
  • Conduct a V02Max and RMR test.
  • Help you develop a mental link between your physical feelings and the actual limiting factor(s) at play.
  • Perform guided sessions and track how your organs perform under different exercise conditions.

o2max Results after 3 months of training


5% Increase in Daily Metabolic Rate

Improved fat burn

12% Improvement in fat burn efficiency

Age Reversing

10% Reduction in biological age

Higher V02 Max

11% Increase in V02 Max

Limiting factors in Fitness and health

Find what’s preventing you from achieving your fitness and health goals. We will provide information with training, nutrition and recovery with what your biology needs.

  • Optimal Calorie & Macro Intake
  • Race Fueling
  • Metabolic Age
  • Recovery Training
  • Training Zones
  • Optimal Cardio, HIIT, Strenght Breakdown

Then we generate a personalized nutrition, recovery and training insights you need to overcome them.

metabolic analysis testing

How do I test the VO2 Max?


Testing is very easy and only takes about 30 minutes. Here are the steps you need to follow to have your metabolism testing:

 Before your test make sure to follow these instructions:

  • Fast for 12 hours before the test
  • Avoid caffeine for 12 hours before the test
  • Avoid intense exercise greater than 1 hour for 24 hours before your test
  • Avoid smoking for 4 hours before your test

Arrive at o2max – 15 minutes before your test time. Relax in our waiting area. 

4) Complete your resting metabolic test with your Trainer – You will be fitted with the metabolic testing device and asked to lay on a table quietly for 10 minutes. The device will track your oxygen intake and CO2 expired. 

5) Complete your active metabolism test with your Trainer – After your resting metabolic rate test you will be asked to choose between the stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical for your active metabolism test. After a three minute warm up you will be guided through a ramped exercise test. Each minute the test will become more difficult until you are too exhausted to continue your pace. 

6) Results will be calculated and sent to your Doctor. You will be given resting metabolic rate and VO2 Max values during this review (and how they compare to normals for your age, height and gender). 

7) An exercise plan will be developed by our Certified Trainers to support your health and wellness goals. You will be asked to complete 8-12 weeks of this plan before your Metabolic retest. 

8) A report will be generated by the software assessing your overall health. Please see below for an example graphic. This report will outline your lung, heart, mitochondrial, mechanical, breathing and fat burning health and ability. This report will include your exercise zones (for zone specific training) and a general exercise plan to help you reach your goals. 

o2max metabolic analyzer device is independently validated as the most accurate portable metabolic analyzer.

The four pillars of functional health/self care include sleep, stress reduction, healthy diet and exercise. At o2max we believe in precision everything. o2max gives us more than just the ability to prescribe precision exercise programs. It also makes key organ function assessments related to in chronic disease and identifies reasons for plateauing weight loss. o2max gets closer to the root cause. So far, the system has shown effectiveness in the following:

  • Precision weight loss – By – building personalized exercise plans, focused training for fat loss, diagnosing the cause of a plateau
  • Chronic fatigue – mitochondrial health
  • Cardiovascular disease – VO2 Max, aerobic fitness, tissue oxygenation
  • Respiratory disease – ventilation exchange ratio, breathing frequency, O2 volume, VO2 max
  • Post concussion syndrome – mitochondrial health, posture, breathing efficiency
  • Metabolic disease/Diabetes – weight loss, building an effective exercise plan for glucose control
  • High Performance Athletes – event prep, training schedules, live training

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