o2max monitors your metabolic profile to track health, nutrition, activity, physical and mental recovery.

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Unlock Your Physical Potential with O2Max: Your Personalized Guide to Optimal Fitness.

O2Max is a metabolic and respiratory analysis system that offers a comprehensive and personalized analysis of an individual’s physical fitness. The system measures several key biomarkers in a person’s breath, including heart rate, lung function, and cellular fitness, as well as the speed of their metabolism, their ability to burn fat, and how their breathing impacts their posture and brain function.

With the information gathered from O2Max, individuals can get a better understanding of their physical capabilities and limitations.

This can be especially useful for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to optimize their training and nutrition plans to achieve their goals. The system provides real-time analysis, which means that individuals can see the results of their efforts immediately.

ABOUT O2MAX – Health & Fitness Training

O2Max is designed to be used in a lab setting, and the results are based on clinical-grade accuracy. This level of precision can be valuable for individuals who want to track their progress over time and see how their physical fitness changes as they train and make lifestyle changes.

Overall, O2Max offers a unique and innovative way to monitor and analyze an individual’s physical fitness, providing valuable insights that can help improve performance, optimize training, and achieve personal goals.

Take control of your fitness journey with O2Max. Get an in-depth analysis of your heart, lung, and cellular function today. Experience clinical-grade accuracy and real-time results that will help you reach your full potential. Book your appointment now!

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About Gilles

Gilles Essiembre has been involved in competitive sports all his life including more grueling sports into his 40’s.  However, Gilles passion is not just helping athletes but to help anyone looking to better their lives by staying fit and using science and coaching to give them that extra edge we all want and need.

Growing up in Campbellton NB, Gilles was involved in a wide variety of competitive sports growing up in Campbellton, NB.   Everything from Hockey, Badminton, Golf, Volleyball to Snowboarding.  He remembers his coach in High School Hockey introducing him to the Gym to try to gain some weight in the early 90’s.
Gilles went on to compete and winning at the 2001 NB Bodybuilding Championships as well as coming in 2nd at the 2001 Canadian Bodybuilding Federation.  From there he competed in the Bantamweight Category at the 2002 Canadian National World Qualifier and won.  

In 2015 he decided to get his Personal Training Certification and went on to get awards for top hours and top 3 Team Trainer for Goodlife.  That year he came top 10 for over 40 years of age at the Spartan Beast Obstacle course in Ottawa Ontario.  He also came in top 20 in 2017 Ultra Spartan Beast competition in Soneham, QC and qualified to go to the World Ultra Spartan Beast in Iceland.

Since he has done a fundraiser for Mental Health by running 60km, climbed up and down 10 000 feet of elevation with 200 burpees and 100 chin ups in 10hrs.  in 2021 he finished one of the hardest National Parks Trail called the Fundy Footpath with over 9000 feet of elevation and 63km in length in 15hrs.
He wants to show that age is just a number and that everyone can do whatever they set their mind on.  Anything is possible with goals and coaching.