Personal Training

Whether your goal is to elevate your overall fitness, gain strength, drop body fat, increase lean muscle or simply move better, our personal training program is the absolute fastest way to get there.

  • Your trainer is your partner in fitness
  • Build your personalized plan based on scientific exercise principles
  • Set goals that helps you achieve sustained results.

Your trainer is your partner in fitness

Personal Training are a great way to get started, make progress on your goals or change up your routine. Our certified personal trainers make sure you get motivated, learn proper form and have fun.

Help achieve your goals

We’ve got a training program that’s right for you. We offer Core, TRX, Calisthenics, Strength and Conditioning workouts. o2max has their certified trainers and fitness coaches help you gain the motivation and confidence you need to reach your goals, set new ones and have fun doing it!

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