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One of the Most Advanced Metabolic Testing on the Market.

Exercise based on clinical-grade breath analysis: The O2Max system uses an AI system that analyzes 12 biomarkers found in the breath to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of both health and performance. This allows for very precise exercise programs based on the individual’s specific metabolic and respiratory characteristics

Discover How Metabolic Assessments and Personalized Health Programs Can Transform You

Craig Wood
Craig Wood
I just started running last March 2021, and with Gilles's coaching was able to complete two Ultra marathons. Gilles is an amazing trainer! All his coaching cues really helped me this past year. I'm able to run at a faster pace from all the zone 2 training. Gilles's training nutrition & race coaching was spot on, completing my first Ultra with ease. Thank you Gilles!! Looking forward to competing more this year.
sonya sullivan
sonya sullivan
I used to hyperventilate with the easies of exercises like walking and climbing stairs.. After training my breathing with Gilles I no longer feel like I'm starving for air and my recovery time is so much shorter..This helps me in my job as a nurse.. Gilles truly cares about the health of his clients and truly wants to make a difference.. But don't take my word for it.. give it a try you won't regret it...
Frank Ramsay
Frank Ramsay
Gilles has been a great trainer. He has helped me to reach levels of fitness and health I could not have achieved on my own without his training and motivation.
Jennifer Gibb
Jennifer Gibb
I was a smoker for 25 years, and training with Gilles has given me my stamina back. I have more energy, more focused and all around feel better. If you’re struggling with breathing issues, or any type of health issue, Gilles will be supportive and guide you through any process you need. He truly cares about his clients.
Julien Landry
Julien Landry
Gilles is very knowledgeable and he's passionate about fitness. I did the VO2 testing and he pointed me in the right direction to improve my respiratory techniques while running. Gilles provided me detailed reports of my respiratory performance the day after my tests. After a couple runs I can say I have much more capacity already. I'm sure he can help a lot of people out there.
Joey Duguay
Joey Duguay
Helped my lung training to do better. I have less fatigue since I am biking. I'm breathing much better. Wish I knew this existed before.
Eric Chiasson
Eric Chiasson
I started using there services after only being able to breath around 50% of my lungs with my asthma. It feels weird but exciting to be able to breath so much deeper. Went from breathing 2.5L to now above 3L in 2 weeks. Looking forward to see results over next few months! 🙂


Personalized Online Fitness Training & Metabolic Analysis

O2Max personalized training offers a wide range of services from 1-on-1 customized online training sessions to on-site trainings.

Over 30 years of experience in the industry in coaching, we’ve found our niche in the online training and metabolic testing. We have the top testing equipment to test your V02 Max and Breathing. We can customize your training to your Metabolic Assessment Results. Helps greatly with Cardiovascular health.

The O2Max Difference

    We are able to give you a Metabolic test to help determine your specific needs.
    100% Customized Metabolic Analysis Tailored to Your Specific Needs and Health Goals
    Conducting a metabolic analysis of your body can assist in identifying the reasons for a slow metabolism.
  • LIVE
    CALLS with your trainer
    with our App and receive
    recommendations based on your metabolic analysis from our test results.
    BREATHING ( V02 Max)
    Exercise based on clinical-grade breath analysis

    Our AI system analyzes 12 biomarkers found in the breath to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of both health and performance.

Meet your trainer for your Online Fitness Training & Respiratory Training

Gilles is an ambassador of health and fitness for his community.

He specializes in metabolic and respiratory health, training and analysis. Gilles is on a mission to help as many people achieve optimal respiratory and metabolic health as possible. From professional athletes to asthma patients and anyone looking to elevate their health or fitness level.

Gilles has an extensive understanding of the science of metabolic and respiratory health. He uses advanced technology and methodologies for monitoring and assessing an individual’s metabolic and respiratory health.

Imagine if every Canadian could breathe 20% better, have increased cellular health, understand what to do to increase their metabolic rate and live a stronger, healthier life. This dream is what fuels his drive. He is committed to helping as many people as possible achieve their optimal health and performance.

O2Max Metabolic Assessments, Online Fitness Training & Respiratory Muscle Training Programs

Customized Respiratory Training Program

Monthly Coaching Program

For people who want to workout at home and still have access to an Online Personal Trainer.

Personal Training

Whether your goal is to elevate your overall fitness, gain strength, drop body fat, increase lean muscle or simply move better.

Respiratory Muscle Training

Improve your lung capacity and capabilities through Respiratory Muscle Training, Stretching, Breathing Techniques, Core Exercises and Cardio.

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