AI-nutrition planning for you.

  • RD approved 
  • Accounts for all preferences & restrictions
  • Smart alternatives
  • Auto-regulates with workouts & food log
  • Integration with all fitness trackers

A diet plan that works for youR metabolism.

The nutrition recommendations are tailored to your metabolism measured through PNOĒ with clinical-grade accuracy.

Adapts to your lifestyle

Automatically merge data from all food tracking apps and activity trackers to adjust the macros and calories of your plan. Then choose the adjustment that works for your schedule and lifestyle.

Smart shopping cart

Create – Automatically generate your amazon grocery cart with the food items included in your meal plan.

Bookmark – Mark your favorite items and have them included every time you generate your cart.

Evaluate – Evaluate automatically if the item you are about to buy “fits” in your diet plan

It’s all about flexibility

Get automatic alternatives that fit your calorie and macro goals, track your progress, and manage your leftovers.

Plan for cheat meals

Schedule “cheat meals” for the weekend and prep your weekly diet to compensate.

Smart recipes

Schedule your favorite recipes for the future and auto-scale them to fit your calories and macros.

o2max Nutrition Meal

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